Eaten From The Inside (EHC018)

by The Infested

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    29 Copies w/ Blood Red Print (Black Vinyl)
    35 Copies w/ Dark Blue Print (Black Vinyl)

    Includes unlimited streaming of Eaten From The Inside (EHC018) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

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    Includes unlimited streaming of Eaten From The Inside (EHC018) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Second full length by The Infested


released July 1, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Begin The Infestation
Hello again,
Apologies, I don't know where all the time went.
A final try, just one last time, another go then I'm spent.
Straight from this room, I present to you, just five years on since Myths.
Crank it up loud and get tuned right in, it's time for more Infested shit.
Track Name: Wake Up
Diversity clearly don't work, as we associate religion and race too much.
Teach the kids that religion sucks and they will be much smarter when they grow up.
Innocent children don't care about skin, they're uncorrupted playground within.
The media fuels the racist hate, it keeps the papers selling, we are not safe.

Why can't you just leave us be? We're not all racist fucks like you.
Kids will only be misled, if you force division down their necks.

Wake up, are you teaching right and wrong? Or are you deviating us?
If the kids are brought up right, they will make up their own mind what's right.

Teaching equality in the schools, yet more race attacks are breaking news.
More segregation, more religion, more race hatred and full prisons.
Blatant dividing and singling out, is causing devastation, there's no way out.
Ignorant minority of racist thugs, you're using them against us to stir things up.
Track Name: Nightmare
Feelings bottled up, messed my head up.
Problems unaddressed, fucked my mind up.
Feeling so alone, no one to talk to.
Embarrassment and shame, I'd left it too long.
Anxious and scared, how did I get this way?
This is not me, I shouldn't be this way.
My tongue's tied up, can't get my words out.
Humiliation, my worst nightmare.

My face blushing red, I cannot stop it.
My heart's pounding, I can't control it.
My words make no sense and you're all laughing.
I'm dripping with sweat, I've barely started.
My mind has shut down and I'm all confused.
Simplest requests my brain will not compute.
I'm self-conscious that you're all watching.
I'm paranoid that you're all listening.

Suppressed thoughts will soon see the light.
They torture you so late at night.
They control the way you interact.
Let it out whilst you still can.

I did this to myself, no one else to blame.
Thirteen years of torture, life pissed down the drain.
Thoughts buried deep down, it'll all go away.
Alcohol won't keep these thoughts at bay.
Lying awake at night and I feel fuckin' sick.
Just gimme one more try, I'll start again a fresh.
Choices that I made, when I was a kid,
Have left my head in pieces, I've had enough of it.

I don't want the focus on me,
I'm scared of what you'll think and see.
Nightmares and dreams I'm losing teeth,
I just wanna hide away from you.
Track Name: A Thousand Lies
Crooked two-faced politicians and all your bullshit tax evasions,
We fund your Punch and Judy party whilst you laugh in our faces all day.
Lay down the laws and penalise, the hard working cogs you victimise,
We're ripped apart for one mistake, but your expense piss-take is OK?

We're forced to pay, no other way, your restaurant bills and your pornos too,
Your fancy phone, your second home, some people don't even have one.

A suit and tie sure will not mend, a thousand lies let’s not pretend.
Broken Britain you let it be, no faith in you, our trust decreased.
It's down to us to sew the seed.

You proved to us just how to win, this capitalist rat-race we're within.
Rob the poor, exploit the flaws, a great example you've set.
We'll keep slaving and being blind, to the tax that robs us every time.
You'll decide what info's leaked so you can claim that TV set.

Your fancy parties, your dirty panties, your designer garden and your stupid hair,
Your flashy car, your Caviar, you're the real crooks in this world.

You bitch and moan, try to control, all the criminals that we have in our world.
You hypocrites, you make me sick, just because you're rich it doesn't make it OK,
To rob the poor, millions robbed, in this expenses scandal in which you were caught.
If this was us, we would be locked up… A slap on the wrist is all you got.
Track Name: Anti-Choice
Your views distorted, school life deluded,
Opinions swayed by a book full of lies.
Screw your moral high, this ain't your fuckin' life,
Keep your religion out of other people’s lives.
A girl no choice, you take away her voice,
Beaten up, raped with a new seed to be spawned.
You can't prevent it, why try control it?
Backstreet abortions are taking even more lives.
Your faith once again tries, to silence out our voice,
But when your daughters raped, will you still be anti-choice?

Over population, world of corruption,
Church and state lead to self-destruction.
This ain't no life, does it really need rights?
Contraception it ain't, but neither’s suicide.
Don't try to argue, would you want to,
Be a child in a world where no one wants you?
We can't continue, to fuckin' let you,
Use religion as a way to bulldoze laws through.

There's no one size fits all solution, no place for your religion,
You penalise the non-believers, forced to conform to religion.
Forced marriages and paedos, keep your thoughts behind your doors,
Your morals contradicted, abolish it from our laws now.
Track Name: Deficit (Our Generation)
We're all responsible? Who's this "we" you're talking about?
I'm not the one with the credit cards and the mortgage I can't pay back.
I'm not the bankrupt, the borrower and I'm not the greedy banker,
But I'm the one who's responsible, for getting your money back?

There's now no hope for our generation,
And now we'll rot at our work stations.

House prices are through the roof and jobs are paying shit,
Whilst you're spending billions on war and blowing each other to bits.
It's not the filthy rich who suffer and it's not the so-called poor,
It's people trying to earn a crust, it's not worth working for.

A national debt created, before I was even born,
Now I'm the one who's paying, for the generation gone.
Education fees are a joke, with no job at the end,
Retirement age again increased, at work our lives will end.
Track Name: Backstabber
It's an obsession can't you see? Just hand me the Paroxetine.
I'm a backstabber, OK I've said it, there's no more need for you to take it.
Don't force that fake smile any more, It's OK to hate me.

Your loyalty I don't deserve, the guilt I feel is beyond words.
I know to you this all sounds wrong, but I don't care, these are my songs.
I hate to do things behind backs, I guess you'll never understand.
It isn't you it's always me, this band’s become my OCD.

It's been going on some time, I see I'm totally out of line,
But I hear these sounds inside my head and I want them heard just how I meant.
I know that I've destroyed the bond, but I should never have made it.

Not many things I call my own, not many things I can control,
I do not diss the way you play, I just gotta do it my way.
When money's tight I can’t deny, the only way is DIY,
Why should I do things by the book? They're just fuckin' waveforms.
Track Name: Demon
And so I lay here, darkness and silence, with my head spinning round and round.
Everyone's asleep and I'm the only one, who can't get my head down.
Now I'm alert, I'm hearing voices, but my body is paralysed.
I can't move a thing, I can't make a sound, but my eyes are rolling up and down.

Wide awake, can't escape, arms tied down, some thing’s around.

I can't take it, escape it, my body’s been tied down.
I can't shake it, I'll never make it, is a ghost here right now?

I try to shake it off, I try to shout for help, but it's all just useless.
I feel a presence, close by surrounding me, but I can't escape it.
Hallucinations, they feel so real, my mind is wide awake.
My breathing is slow, I don't wanna fall asleep, as I might not wake up.

And so I lay here, it’s all over, my body again belongs to me.
My breathing is fine, I'm feeling alright, I think it's safe to fall asleep.
Some people say, it's an abduction, or a demon playing his tricks.
I don't know, but it's gotta go, coz I need my sleep fix.
Track Name: Can't Forget
Labour drew the line, thousands of people died.
Weapons were not found, cover up those filthy lies.
New government in power, it’s not your problem.
Families destroyed, the blood's still on your hands.
The Iraq war mistake, it's too late to admit.
Now you've washed your hands, you make me fuckin' sick.
Billions were spent, on an unjust cause.
No apology, for all the loved ones lost.

You can't just ignore, the damage you've caused.
You can't just forget, the thousands slaughtered.
We won't let you forget...

You can't just ignore, you can't just forget.

Is this just a plot, to start again a fresh?
Back down for five years and hope we all forget?
Old policies are scrapped and lay to rest Iraq,
Then we'll vote you in, when the Con-Dems are sacked.
Track Name: Never Comin' Back
I walk into this place, I sense that I've been here before.
That smell unmistakable, that sound of nurses on the ward... Never comin' back.

I know you don't look well, but still a smile is on your face.
It hurts to see you here, but I know this is the best place.

Never comin' back home.

You never wanted us to fuss, you'd always tell us you were OK.
I hope the morphine they gave you, will take away your pain.
The nurse is still doing her checks, but there's nothing left in you.
I just wish you'd try to rest, so your pain would be over soon.

It's all happening so fast, the other day you looked so well.
So full of life you were, seeing you here just don't seem real.
My father’s with you now, he's holding your hand until you're gone.
I cannot cope with this, I'm proud of Dad for staying so strong.
Track Name: Eaten From The Inside
You invaded me, my body taken over,
I'm not the home where you can live.
I'm not the place where you can grow,
You'll have to find somewhere else to go.

I'm gonna make your life hell.
You wanna eat me from the inside,
But you'll never be a part of me.

And when this cancer's gone, it might not be for long,
Until my dying day, I'll live life anyway.
And if my time runs out, I'll give it one last shout,
I'll scream it from the trees, to hell with this disease.

You tried to mess with me, you picked the wrong guy,
I'm not going to go down easily.
It's time for you to leave, you've outstayed your welcome,
Fuck off now if you would, please.
Track Name: Who I Am
I look at you, you look at me,
With those eyes so tired and you don't know who I am.
Is it me? Have I neglected you?
It feels quite so coz you don't know who I am.

I try explain, it comes to you,
But not for long, there's pictures of me on your wall.
You cared for me, when I was young,
But now your old and it's you who needs someone.

But still your smile and your laugh,
Despite your problems, you're still my Gran.
And when you tell me stories of your life from the past,
You're a clear inspiration and you're certainly not daft.

I leave the room, I come back in,
I've not been long but you don't know who I am.
You ask me questions, over again,
I give the same answer, still you don't know who I am.

You helped us fly kites, when we were young,
Burnt rice pudding and giant Yorkshire puds.
Good memories, it's not your fault,
I'm still the same person I was when I was small.

And when you beg me, to take you home,
It breaks my heart coz you don't know who I am.
Some days are good, others are bad,
Sometimes you’re happy, still you don't know who I am.

And now you're gone, it happened so fast,
Your dignity, remained intact.
As I left the ward, I turned around to you,
I saw your precious smile one more time light up the room.
Track Name: Nightmare (Part Two)
I thought I beat this, some time quite long ago,
Will I ever rid this? I guess I'll never know.
I'm sick of worrying every single day,
About what people think and the words that I should say.

But things start looking up, I get second chance,
But now the pressure I can't take and my anxiety's back.
My heart again is racing and I'm stuttering my words,
Sweat dripping down my back as my worst nightmare returns.

And I'm exhausted, it's hard work worrying,
Another day of torture in my head approaching.
I promise to myself it won't happen again,
But the truth is I can't control all this brain fog in my head.

So I sit there with my head sinking in my hands,
I feel so depressed, this mental block I cannot stand.
Yea, life's a drag.

I'm isolated, everyone's watching me,
I'm sitting here on show and they're all focusing.
Everyone is noticing how nervous I'm acting,
I'm alien to them, why would they waste their time with me?
Track Name: Waiting Game
I spent my whole life waiting, for the day I would drop dead,
Convinced that I was dying, deep down and buried in my head.
The doctors just ignored all the issues I addressed,
They sent me on my way and ignored everything I'd said.
Suddenly the pain, is far too much to bare,
I give it one last shot, with the docs who didn't care.
Next thing I know I'm under, losing part of me,
Playing the waiting game to see if I've got the disease.

You ignored me, you dismissed me,
You left me to rot and humiliated me.

I'm laying here sore and thinkin' of the worst,
Two weeks still to go, the results are gonna hurt.
Is it all for nothing, or has my life been spared?
I can't believe it’s real, now I'm pretty fuckin' scared.
My back's started to ache, has this mother fucker spread?
I feel so isolated, there's nowhere to go but bed.
I'm counting down the days, until the scan results are in,
My life's changed just like that, what a mess I've gotten in.

And just like that, I'm laying on my back,
My dignity remains in pieces.
I can't stand or walk, I'm pissin' in bottles,
I hope for this that death's been cheated.
And just like that, I'm laying in a bed,
Three drips of chemo running through my veins.
Nine weeks of hell, vomit, hair loss as well,
I've lost count of all the pills they gave me.

And just like that, my stitches are oozing crap,
I can't face to walk in case my sides split.
My face, swelled up, I don't look the same no more,
My skin is dry and I can't taste shit.
Headaches all night, the end don't seem in sight,
My veins are scabbed from all the needles.
My lungs feel tight, rapid breathing this can't be right,
It's only day two of this battle.
Track Name: The End
The time has come to end this one.
I'm all out, hung-over,
A new start, game over.
I thank you for listening and all your supporting.
I stand by my methods, stick around for the next endeavour.

The end, it's now.